Monday, 26 March 2012

Mermaid & Dragon

Another image for Essex Council from the series - The Giants are Coming! 

This image will be used as a flyer (with additional information overlaid) by libraries, to promote workshops for children featuring mermaids and dragons.


  1. Hey Shelley!
    This is Jolanta, we met over my work placement at picassopictures last may, if you remember me. :]
    This is such a nice illustration, I'm totaly in love with the big blue monster! (:]
    Wish you luck with your illustration work :]

  2. Hi Jolanta,
    yes I remember you! How are you getting on? Thanks for your kind comment :) x

  3. Hey! I'm graduating this year, so am looking for some new involvements atm :] Hope all is going very well for you