Thursday, 8 May 2014


Last summer I was commissioned to create a large scale graphic image. My client had found a pop art style black and white picture they liked and wanted a similar image for their living room.
The original image was very small - 6 x 4 cm but my client wanted it on a large canvas sized 5 x 4 feet (152.4 x 121.92 cm):

I created a version of a face image in Illustrator as a vector file so that I could blow up the scale without losing any information. I then tile printed it on many sheets of A4 paper. If I'd had an overhead projector that would have been a quicker process but I didn't so instead cut out the shapes I wanted to paint in black and drew around them to transfer the image onto the canvas:

I then coloured it in with block colour.

The actual painting process was fairly quick. The most time was spent on preparation.
It was a fun project to take on.

Here is the result:

My client was very happy with the final result and once we found a big enough car to transport it in took it home!

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